Transformational Recovery Coaching provides preparation and integration aftercare to support you through addiction recovery and/or psycho-spiritual transformation.



Our Coaching Programs

Addiction Recovery Coaching


Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Program is a revolutionary approach that leads you into sobriety by changing your focus from your addiction to your wound. Our coaches and tools help you gain insight into why you are using right now. We help you take the pain and pathology around addiction and sobriety out of the equation…Read more

Psychospiritual Integration Coaching


An entheogenic journey is a profound and life-changing inner experience. Being True to You’s Psychospiritual Integration Coaching helps you to prepare ‘Set, Setting and Intention’ before the journey, gives you pointers for how to navigate and integrate the insights and awakening of your psychospiritual journey into your day to day life…..Read more

Coach Certification Programs


Are you inspired to be of service in the rapidly growing field of addiction recovery and psychospiritual integration? Become a Certified Recovery & Integration Coach for Being True to You with our 16-part series of online classes which include Weekly Group Discussions, Hands On Training Calls and Coaching Materials. Our Core Curriculum includes… Read more

Our team of skilled coaches work with clients one-on-one and in groups through our programs for transformational recovery

“I see addiction as an Initiation into our true power and our true self if we respond to the call. It was my addiction that gave me the necessary seriousness and drive to delve deeply into my human potential. Without my addiction, I doubt I would have had the drive to become a Master and I may have just coasted along the path of life. Instead, addiction was a serious wake up call that jolted me into committing to my human potential. -Renee Cohen, Recovery Coach

 As a Recovery Coach, Jacob helps clients and their families navigate the often messy, hilarious, and wonderfully exciting healing journey of recovery.  Jacob forms an unique partnership with each of his clients, built on equal ground, and centered around the client’s own goals. -Jacob, Recovery Coach

Our recovery coaching is available to all who seek to overcome hard or soft addictions, or any other inner affliction that brings stress and suffering.


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