Whom does BTTY serve?

BTTY is a network of resources available to those who seek:
• to recover from opiate or other addiction
• to grow and advance psycho-spiritually
• to improve themselves and their lives
• to overcome psychological afflictions such as prolonged sadness, constant anxiety, dread or despair, a feeling of hopeless inertia and stagnation, an absence of joy and passion, and a feeling of being a victim of one’s past.

BTTY is at the service of individuals as well as their families seeking to be addiction-free, as well as those seeking personal development through entheogens. These groups form a large and growing community who find little value in over-priced mainstream recovery services which have proven to have no enduring effect. For these people, BTTY is not just a viable option, but a remarkably effective one.

What does BTTY offer for the addicted or afflicted?
It offers not just lasting recovery, but an ability to move beyond the condition that needed to be dealt with…to step out of the maze of disillusion and despair into an expanded view of world and self. We call this transformational recovery, and our principal modality for achieving it is recovery coaching.

This is a continuum of care structured into three phases:
i) preparation and pre-skills training
ii) guidance through recovery at every phase
iii) long-term integration of insights, gains, and learnings.

What does recovery coaching consist of?

Essentially, recovery coaching is a series of conversations held one-on-one or in a group environment, in a compassionate and non-judgmental space. You are taught the core principles of recovery. You learn how to discover, clarify, and strengthen your goals and intentions.

You journey deep within to confront your deepest drives, urges and motivations, as well as the blocks that impede your onward movement. You acquire varied skills and strengths, including self-mastery. Through a number of micro-lessons, you are given useful tools, tips and techniques for sustaining your progress. It’s all accompanied by continuous self-monitoring tools and apps, to track and evaluate the progress you’ve made.

Far from being a rigidly structured curriculum, recovery coaching is fluid and flexible. There is no set playbook, because every participants condition is unique and unrepeatable.

It’s from the position of the true self that evolution happens, and the transformational work grants payoffs, rewards, and benefits of mind, body, relationships, life, and spirit in surprising and sometimes unprecedented ways.

What can you hope to take away from BTTY?

BTTY dissolves the hooks attaching you to addiction and affliction. This process lies at the core of transformational recovery. But it goes beyond just recovery, or personal healing, or self-improvement.

The BTTY journey strengthens your commitment and ability
— to cultivate and sustain change in your existing environment – mental, emotional, behavioral, social.
— to draw on societal connection and community involvement for support and sustenance.
— to maintain and strengthen a suitable structure for pursuing goals and seeking desired outcomes
— to take action and create change daily, and accept personal responsibility for actions taken and avenues explored, and the resulting successes or disappointments
— to define and develop your social position in terms of contribution and life purpose

Far from being a grimly clinical process, BTTY keeps you inspired, active, creative, excited, exuberant and ever-growing.

“Through being true to you I’ve developed a profound feeling of self confidence, the will to move forward from a life of feeling forever in a hole, and liberating my mind to knowing I have so much more to offer myself and the world. Through years of unbearable pain and suffering I put myself through, overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feeling of hopelessness, Deanne Adamson helped pave that awful road I was on.  Being true to you helped put me on a road full of positive thoughts and reachable dreams.  I’ve spent my entire life with regrets of my past and anxiety about the future.  Showing me that I CAN live in the present and enjoy a life filled of happiness is just one of many things Being True to You has aided me in my recovery!”