Prep & Integration

Being True To You provides preparation and integration coaching for addiction recovery no matter what type of treatment you choose. As a client, you are given a full-spectrum of skills training to ready you for new recovery and abstinence and the transitionary moments and transformative experiences you need to move forward.

Being True To You also attracts a large number of individuals using – or intending to use – entheogens as a means of exploration and healing. These are powerful transpersonal adventures of self-discovery and profoundly life-changing experiences for which we provide the preparation and integration services that are essential for success.

Preparation encompasses several elements and guides you in:

— Achieving the proper attitude and mindset
— Understanding your role and preparing for trasformational work
— Nourishing and strengthening the body
— Cleaning up your environments & preparing your life for change
— Structuring your time & living to a step-by-step plan
— Establishing new standards in various areas, such as relationships
— Planning for long-term aftercare by identifying needs, goals, supports, etc.
— Staying alert, present, open and trusting during your journey
— Understanding the subconscious and tuning into your true self

Integration follows after your treatment experience and/or entheogenic depth work so as to assimilate your learnings into your daily life.

Integration coaching is designed to keep you moving forward by:

— Drawing insights and meaning from your work
— Turning those into action steps for change
— Forming commitments that you enact in your life
— Following a daily regimen and creating healthy habits
— Cleaning up messes and upsets, and making amends
— Improving performance and achieving goals
— Connecting with a support community
— Acquiring navigation skills, coping skills, and grounding techniques
— Staying with the introspective depth work in real time


“From your daily exercises, the practice really helps the concepts stick and build off each other.”

“I really have never felt such space open before.  You know that space that is created when you release the things that are not serving you, and all of a sudden there is just SPACE for good things and opportunity to arrive and fill you?! The way you have opened my mind and heart to effectively store the good energy and let go of the negative is allowing me to manifest some really BIIIIG and Great things:) And when they come….I have a happy home for them in the space that was created!  YEAH!”

“I love your program!  So much thought has gone into it, it is very impressive. The handwriting analysis was amazing also. The way it captures so much complexity and contradiction in a personality. Plus your intuition and empathy level in pulling it all together.”