Throughout his diverse 15-years as an entrepreneur, Joe has refined his focus to helping others reach their ultimate potential. His drive to seek deeper meaning and the expansion of consciousness, began at a very young age. This momentum was spurred by his own struggle through challenging life events, including the loss of his own father and brother to drug addiction.

When Joe completed his Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu he re-discovered human potential with sparked a new light for him. Since this pivotal and eye opening moment Joe has continued to follow his passion to serve others through numerous yoga trainings with Kripalu, a decade fully engaged in personal development, from events with Abraham Hicks, and the Law of Attraction, to Master’s Level Coach Training seminars with the internationally acclaimed, Tony Robbins, to eventually working within the Tony Robbin’s projects, assisting and coaching others.

As a self-professed “personal development junkie,” Joe continues to be active in seminars and workshops on yoga, meditation, tantra, speaking, sustainable living and the like. His passion is guiding others to explore this world in effort to find their true authentic selves and live a life of purpose, meaning and the utmost joy.