Rhonda deLorme

Rhonda deLorme

Rhonda began working fifteen years ago primarily with women in addiction and recovery
and remains passionate as an addictions counselor in her home town and as a recovery
coach in private practice. She brings compassion, wisdom, and a trauma-informed
approach to her work. As a young adult with limited mobility, due to a rare and incurable
medical condition, Rhonda embarked on a search for personal growth and emotional
healing. Years later she discovered a connection between trauma and her disability,
which led to peak experiences that opened her to the deep work of integration and
that’s when the magic began. Through preparation, after care, and continuity of care
Rhonda learned to develop a connection to self and a new way to look at suffering.
From this position Rhonda is managing physical symptoms, walks without a cane, and
no longer requires medication.

While the physical is good news for Rhonda the magic of recovery in physical/mental
illness and addiction is in the experience of emotional healing. Rhonda is dedicated to
helping others access emotional states through body awareness and in using tools to
discover the root of their physical, mental, or emotional pain. Through curiosity,
courage, wisdom, and dedication individuals learn to build and maintain a relationship to
self, reduce suffering, and thrive, putting their hands on their own healing, hence the
name of her practice, Hand Over Healing.

Among other modalities Rhonda is trained directly by Gabor Maté M.D. in his method of
Compassionate Inquiry. The method has been instrumental in her healing and is the
foundation of her approach to working with others. She also consults with Dr. Tanya
Maté, Integration Director at the Temple of the Way of Light in Peru, for ongoing
guidance in the method. Rhonda is a musician and singer/songwriter with skills that also
ignite creative exploration in the recovery process.

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September 25, 2017