Psychospiritual Integration Coaching


An entheogenic journey is a profound and life-changing experience. Being True to You’s Psychospiritual Integration Coaching helps you prepare ‘Set, Setting, and Intention’ before the journey, gives you pointers for how to navigate and integrate the insights, and awakens your psychospiritual journey into your day-to-day life.

People who seek psychospiritual coaching might struggle with softer addictions, different forms of mental/emotional agony and instability, or just stagnation in life, and are usually looking for answers and need support healing. Our psychospiritual integration coaches and tools will help you mature out of soft addictions, illuminate personal development, find clarity and skills training for the new world, help you find your next threshold of discovery, and at its best, help you awaken to your true self.

The program includes one-on-one phone, text or email coaching, assessments, tips & pointers, assignments and literature. Player-and-performance boards help deal with self-organization and self-management, and help keep the participant committed, accountable, and on-track for achieving the desired goals and changes.

Although its interface is similar to that of the addiction recovery program, the focus is more on higher-level needs. The program is designed as preparation for – and integration with – entheogenic ceremonies, deep healing, and the achievement of higher awareness, personal power, social contribution, spiritual awareness, and other advanced goals.

“Being True to you and Deanne Adamson’s approach to both holistic and spiritual wholeness and healing forever changed my life. Deanne wasn’t just a counselor or life coach- she was a person who stuck with me no matter what, was always encouraging, and she saved my life in a sense. After getting treated by Ibogaine I needed some direction on how to live. I had just lost my brother to a drug overdose and the pain ran deep. Ibogaine helped w the physical withdrawal and the mental craving- but humans also have, or should I say are, a spirit. My brother’s death was a spiritual dilemma and Deanne helped me to not just deal with it, but to overcome the darkness and depression that had caused multiple relapses. Thank God for Deanne!”