Kim Luccione is a voracious researcher, knowledge seeker, and alternative therapy enthusiast. She is excited about the possibilities of healing with plant medicines, nutritional therapies, spirituality and meditation. Through her personal journey, Kim has sought options to augment healing that focus on the mind, body and spirit.

Kim was a suburban, midwestern mom living the all American dream. She had a successful career, her kids attended private school and she and her husband never missed a sporting or academic event. They were active in their community, counseled their children on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and her kids even graduated from the D.A.R.E program.
The day that she discovered her son had a hard addiction was the day her life was turned on its axis. She was paralyzed with fear and overwhelming sadness. Her son entered a traditional 60 day inpatient rehabilitation program. He felt that the oppressive meetings were essentially the blind leading the blind. This type of program did help in getting him clean, but she knew deep down it would be difficult for him to remain clean with this treatment alone. A one size fits all approach was not the answer for him.
Determined to find a recovery model that would resonate with her son, she turned to the internet. She sought to find a better, more personal healing plan to encompass mind, body and spirit in healing for him. Her research led to a plant-based medicine approach and to a partnership with Being True To You Recovery.
As a parent, Kim intimately understands the overwhelming guilt, shame and fear associated with addiction. She wants to restore hope and remove fear for families struggling with the “stigma” that surrounds addiction. She is committed to helping parents and families see that recovery can be navigated free of shame and with positivity, love and compassion. She is passionate about helping families restore and strengthen their relationships through authentic loving communication without judgement and finding their power through the opportunity that addiction recovery presents.