Psycho Spiritual Integration Coaching

Being True to You’s Psycho Spiritual Integration Coaching supports holistic healing and lasting life changes alongside transformational experiences. More people are turning to alternative and holistic approaches to heal and resolve a number of mental, emotional, relational, and physical conditions that block one’s full expression and potential in life. As you embark upon these new experiences to healing you discover that the integration before and after these journeys is where positive changes are solidified.

In today’s market, in both the allopathic and alternative sectors, there are a growing number of “solutions” being offered. These solutions to psychological and physical pain and suffering come in the form of various treatments, technologies, and techniques. While research may confirm short-term relief through these external agents, long-term relief and lasting results come through a change in one’s mindset, character, lifestyle, and social-environment. In other words, it is clear with any treatment, that the person affected must change something in themselves or their life to sustain positive changes in their health.

Whether you seek help for soft addictions, other state of pain and suffering, or just stagnation in life, working with a coach around holistic healing and growth helps you integrate and cultivate lasting change within yourself. We live in a culture of short-term fixes and instant gratification with everyone bouncing around to the next best thing, failing to see the underlying opportunity to heal and transform oneself from within. Pain and suffering of any kind signals an opportunity for change; thus, the process of healing is about personal transformation, not about eliminating the suffering.

Our psycho-spiritual integration coaches and transformational model help you find the opportunity in your suffering, identify the core wounds and blocks underlying your state of suffering, and allow you to pinpoint your power to create positive changes without having to rely solely on external sources. Through our transformational program you will be guided through your own journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-love, and self-refinement. You will have the opportunity to get your life on track by getting in touch with your true self, your true voice, and your true path in life.

Your transformational process becomes the same journey of your true self as you discover a greater purpose for your human experience.

Our Psycho Spiritual Program includes:

  1. Preparation for transformational experiences
  2. Skills & navigation training & holistic healing guidance
  3. Aftercare integration to solidify positive changes

*See Coaching Plans for additional features

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No matter how stuck or hopeless you feel, how deep you've fallen or how big the mountain you have to climb, or how grand your passion and vision to turn things around is, we can help you get your life back on track quickly, effectively, and with the greatest outcomes possible.


There are not sufficient words for it.  Absolutely amazing and wonderful experience.”

Through Being True To You I’ve developed a profound feeling of self confidence, the will to move forward from a life of feeling forever in a hole, and liberating my mind to knowing I have so much more to offer myself and the world.

“I love your program!  So much thought has gone into it, it is very impressive.”