Beat Addiction on Your Own Terms

A do-it-yourself, finding your own path, at your own pace, doing what you love addiction recovery program.

Beat Addiction on Your Own Terms

A do-it-yourself, finding your own path, at your own pace, doing what you love addiction recovery program.


This 8-level online course teaches you about the physical, mental, and social factors behind addiction, and helps you develop a holistic, personalized recovery strategy that maps out your recovery process. Embark on a journey that takes the stigma out of addiction and presents a unique opportunity to transform your life with conscious intention and results-driven exercises.


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We designed this course to help everybody, whether you are still using, newly sober, or maintaining long-term sobriety. Each level of the Roadmap to Recovery involves a 1-hour presentation with audio and slides, along with written material and exercises. At the end of the course, you will create your very own roadmap that prepares you for every aspect of the recovery process. This personalized roadmap is yours to use and to modify over time as your needs and goals evolve, and as you discover what your own success formula looks like.

LEVEL 1: Ignite Your Drive
LEVEL 2: Locate Your Truth
LEVEL 3: Clarify Your Vision
LEVEL 4: Set Your Stage
LEVEL 5: Design Your Strategy
LEVEL 6: Realize Your Expression
LEVEL 7: Recreate Your Lifestyle
LEVEL 8: Actualize Your True Self


"I tried for years to kick heroin, but nothing worked. Since I started coaching with Being True To You I have not had to pay for another treatment program, or get on any prescription drugs, and now I'm almost 2 years sober. I never felt judged or shamed by my coach no matter what mistakes I made, they helped me learn for myself what it takes to end addiction for good."


“Being True to You is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. Since my ibogaine treatment and BTTY coaching, I have not taken a drug or had a drink, or even wanted to, after 10 years of trying to get sober. And now after years of hating myself I can actually look in the mirror each morning and love myself, because I found strength and freedom within myself.”


“I believe the importance to recovery is in your aftercare; you must keep up the momentum of sobriety. Being True to You coaching has shown me that staying sober is a practice and skill that you develop; you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep improving. You learn to hold your own with the support of community, and helping others to find their true self as well.”


“We set out to create the most powerful tool we could imagine: a comprehensive education about addiction and a personalized roadmap for navigating your unique challenges and opportunities in recovery.”


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